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Let’s help our children navigate feelings of anxiety.

Chillax®️ is an effective programme teachers can use to support children aged 8-12 develop skills and strategies to manage anxiety. Together, we can help children manage their worries so they can do the things they love in life.

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What is anxiety?

More and more Kiwi children are experiencing anxiety, which can include feelings of fear, worry, and dread.

Anxiety can also be our body telling us we’re about to do something brave, or it can improve our performance by keeping us alert.

While anxiety is a normal part of life, it can become a problem if it’s intense and overwhelming, happens a lot, or stops us doing what we love.

We developed Chillax®️ to normalise anxiety and support children’s mental health in a fun, engaging, and effective way.

How does Chillax help?

Chillax®️ aims to ditch the myth that anxiety is something to be scared of.

Developed by clinical psychologists and supported by Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour, Tauranga Moana, we train and empower teachers to guide children to manage their anxiety, in an open, supportive way.

The 8-session education and skills-based program aims to boost children’s confidence in dealing with anxiety with tried-and-tested tools.


Chillax®️ also gives teachers powerful techniques so they can role model healthy ways to respond to emotions.

What We Do
Our Story

The Chillax®️ Story

In 2015, four New Zealand clinical psychologists, experienced in working with children and their families, ran a series of psycho-education based group sessions called ‘Chillax’ in the community to support young people with mild to moderate anxiety difficulties.


A few years later, Chillax®️ was adapted for high school students needing extra anxiety support, with funding support from the Primary Health Organisation.


Alongside a passionate group of Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) from Tauranga Moana, clinical psychologist
Tanzi Bennison developed Chillax®️ as an anxiety program for classrooms.


Chillax®️ is now an 8-session education and skills-based anxiety program for the classroom with worksheets, video links, and a host of helpful resources. While it's best suited for children aged 8-12 years, plans are underway to expand it for younger and older students.


Ode to Amygdala

O’ amygdala,

Thank you, my mighty warrior

You protected me and my ancestors

From all sorts of dangers


Be it lions, or crocs,

Tigers, or even a giant stingray 

You always appear

Whenever you smell fear

Without a moment of delay


You circulate my blood

Strengthen my muscle,

You send tiny signals

To the Hypothalamus,

Getting me ready 

To fight, flight or freeze


But the world is now changing 

And dangers are diminishing 

You’re overprotective

And not as effective


It’s time to change

I want to be in charge

I want to make good decisions

To de-escalating bad situations

So in the nicest possible way

Perhaps you could go on holiday?

By Darian - Yr 8

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Meet Tanzi Bennison

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Tanzi, the clinical psychologist who developed Chillax®️, is 110% dedicated to helping children and adults navigate anxiety. She has worked with adults, adolescents, children, and their families in a range of mental health settings in New Zealand and the UK for close to 20 years.


Tanzi has delivered numerous group programs for anxiety in primary and secondary schools. She also runs seminars and training days for parent's and professionals working with children and young people struggling with anxiety.


Thanks for getting in touch.

We'll get back to your shortly.

Get in touch

If you want to help children manage anxiety with confidence, please send us an email or give us a call. We can answer any questions or book you in for the next Chillax®️ training.

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Meet Tanzi

Keen to get started?

If you’re a teacher working with children aged 8-14 years, we’d love to hear from you.

To become “Chillax®️ qualified”, you’ll need to participate in a 90 minute training session, that promises to be informative and inspiring. Then you can buy a license to access all of the online resources needed to run the program.  

If you’re an adult looking to support children in your community to manage anxiety effectively, tell your local school about Chillax®️ !

Chillax Aniety program for kids
Getting Started

“I used to get really anxious when I had to dive off the block at swimming, but since my class started the Chillax program, and I worked on milkshake breathing, I’m able to calm myself and dive in.”

- Annabelle, 11-years-old, Tauranga Intermediate School

“The breathing strategies helped me feel calm instead of panicking.” 

12-year-old student

“Thank you for the high-quality professional support, educational knowledge, and skills you shared with our students, our staff, and our parents. All the feedback has been highly positive, appreciated, and valued.”

- Lisa, College Guidance Counsellor



Program training will be delivered by Tanzi Bennison online via a pre-recorded video.   Training costs are $75+GST per person.    


The annual license fee is $200 + GST per teacher (or $1000 + GST for 5 or more teachers from the same school). This provides one year access to all online resources and session plans needed to run the program. Participants will need to renew their license agreement after one year for continued access to the Chillax program resources.


Alternatively, the training and annual license can be purchased together for $250+GST per teacher.


If you would prefer training delivered to a group onsite at your school, then please get in touch to discuss options.

Chillax®️ Program Cost


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Chillax for parents & families
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